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Most often, teenagers spend their summer holidays having a rest. Although they engage themselves in some worthy activities from time to time, generally summer is wasted on TV, video games, and parties. Why not try something useful? Summer is a perfect time to check out summer jobs. The benefits are numerous: this way you make money, gain some experience, which can be mentioned in a resume, and learn responsibility. Another allure of jobs for teens is that you still have much free time.

Jobs for teens

There is a huge variety of part-time jobs, all of which are good but somewhat clichéd. Here, we’ve prepared a list of alternative jobs. Not only are they interesting, but they also help get invaluable experience that will be useful in the long run.

1. A rehab worker

Rehab centers and nursing homes for the elderly or people with mental disorders are in a bad need of volunteers and workers. Some positions require relevant qualifications, but a teenager can still be paid for organizing entertaining activities, such as playing Frisbee, doing puzzles, and so on. Obviously, this job is not very lucrative, but it helps in earning extra money and developing useful skills.

2. Caring for disabled adults

There is a strong need of workers to take respite care for disabled adults. This type of alternative jobs helps develop a feeling of compassion towards the other people. A teen may work on his/her own or with another specialist. The job is not difficult but really rewarding.

3. Freelancing

A huge benefit of the job is that you can work from home and develop your own schedule. All a teenager needs is discover something he/she is really good at – be it social media management or graphic design – and start earning extra money. If a kid is dedicated and talented, the job might turn out to be very profitable. Check out websites such as Upwork and Elance – they are a good platform to start with.

4. A farm worker

This option is perfect if you live in a village. On a farm, you will always be welcome. There’s plenty of work to do: help taking care of animals, irrigating fields, harvesting crops… It goes without saying that none of these is easy, but it is worth the effort, because salaries are relatively high.

5.  Sell stuff at the market

If you are good at crafting, you can try selling your handmade goods at the farmer’s market. You can make organic beauty products, canned food, handcrafted jewelry and stuff like that. Surely, you have to make a small investment first, but it’ll pay you back no problem.

So, a summer job does not necessarily have to be babysitting or serving food at McDonald’s. Break the mold, choose one of these alternative workplaces, make some money, and have fun this summer!