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When the excitement of Halloween has vanished and the Christmas spirit is still asleep, many of us find it difficult to kick up their heels. The solution we offer is to go on a holiday somewhere where it’s warm. Here are some ideas of such places.

Where to Go on Holiday in November

  1. Cinque Terre (Italy)
    If you want to immerse yourself into the magic charm of old Italy, go to Cinque Terre. Stunning views of the sea, quiet and traditional local life, small colorful houses and delicious food will make you feel like as if this place were a heaven on the earth. And there is a likelihood it is. Get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and wind down in this serene place.
  2. Istanbul (Turkey)
    Istanbul might not be the best sunbathing destination with its 15 degrees in average in November, but it’s still a great place to visit. Combining traditions and modern life, it is a perfect place for those who want to explore a new culture but don’t want to get too extreme. Istanbul, like its main attraction the Hagia Sophia, has a long and thrilling history that you will be able to feel in every corner of this city.
  3. Dubai (the UAE)

    Despite the popular belief, Dubai isn’t only for well-off tourists. There are lots of affordable accommodation variants in the city that merges two different worlds. Just keep in mind two things – the weather and the local rules. The worst thing you want to have on a holiday isn’t a sunburn, but problems with local authorities.

  4. The Canary Islands

    November is the best time to fly to the Canary Islands for two reasons. Firstly, the temperature will drop to 21 degrees, which is very much preferred by those who can’t stand the heat but still enjoy the warmth. Secondly, it’s much cheaper to go there in November. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but you’ll still be able to show off that you visited the Canary Islands.

  5. Bali (Indonesia)

    If you’ve been planning to visit Bali but don’t know when the perfect timing is, go in November to avoid the prolonging period of rains. The island offers two options – the touristy and the quiet one, Kuta Beach and Pemuretan accordingly. Decide what suits your personal needs and head there. Whatever choice you make, on Bali you’ll have an amazing holiday since it’s the best place for city breaks.

November blues is something that affects even the best of us. Don’t make yourself suffer, use our holiday planning tips and treat yourself to a nice holiday abroad. We all need a moment to recharge our batteries, and November is the best time for this.