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Whether you like listening to music

or just enjoy being the smartest person in the room, these interesting music facts are great conversation starters.

1. Sad music does not make you sad.

A recent study has proven that people don’t actually listen to sad music in order to feel sad. The emotions invoked are much more complex. They include tenderness, peacefulness, and even nostalgia which create a positive state of mind and relax listeners. 

2. Repetitive choruses are the secret ingredient

The catchiest songs are usually the most commercially successful ones. There is actually a direct correlation between word repetition and the position of a song in the charts. However, songwriters must remember that after a certain point too many repetitive choruses will tire fans and hurt the song’s performance.

3. The “mere exposure effect” influences our tastes.

One of the most disappointing music facts for true connoisseurs is that humans start liking certain songs simply because they get to hear them a lot. Certainly, there is a point when listening to music tracks repeatedly get on your nerves. Before that, though, if your brain is properly familiarized with the genre, you are more likely to appreciate it.

4. Our brain supplies meaning if we don’t understand the lyrics.

This is especially common when listening to music from foreign countries, but happens with English songs too. We expect to hear certain phrases and colloquialisms, so our brain does not contradict us. A part of the meaning we comprehend comes from our ears, but a part is created in the brain. Therefore, the lyrics we hear are different from what songwriters might have intended.

5. “Wannabe” is Britain’s most recognizable song. 

This is probably one of the most adorable music facts ever. In a study conducted by serious scientists. It was discovered that it only takes British people 2.29 seconds to understand that Wannabe is playing. It was compared to a thousand other songs and over 12,000 participants were involved. If that does not prove that Spice Girls are legendary, I don’t know what will.

6. Album sales go up as music complexity goes down.

As hipsters have been telling us for years, as soon as music achieves mainstream recognition, it becomes formulaic and loses quality.

Don’t forget to share these facts with other people and keep loving and listening to music!