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The Weather Is Great

Contrary to a popular belief and the country’s name, Iceland isn’t purely a land of ice. Moreover, the winter temperatures there rarely go below 0°C due to the proximity of the warm Gulf Stream. As a result, there is no need to bundle up because the winter there is similar to that in New York or Amsterdam.

No People Around Is One of the Reasons to Visit Iceland

Since 60% of Icelandic population are centered in Reykjavik, naturally, the rest of the country is relatively deserted. When it comes to tourists, the situation is the same – the majority gravitate towards the cities and the Ring Road. So if you’re seeking for a travel destination that is not overcrowded, choose Iceland.

Landscapes Will Take Your Breath Away

The nature in Iceland is truly breathtaking, and winter only adds to the general beauty. From vast ice fields and glaciers stretching for kilometers to blue ice caves and waterfalls that freeze mid-fall, Iceland appears to be some undiscovered planet frozen in time.

Northern Lights

Everyone has seen stunning pictures of this natural phenomenon also known as Aurora Borealis, but it’s in Iceland where you can experience the magic directly. However, prepare to go on a hunt for the northern lights because they are not as common as you might think. Check weather forecasts and go away from the city lights on a starry night. Be ready to stay outside for the whole night because the northern lights are unpredictable. However, the view is absolutely worth it.

Ice Caves Really Exist

The ethereal ice caves are among the most popular reasons for many tourists to visit Iceland. You’ll completely understand the hype around them when you finally end up in one yourself. Nevertheless, bear in mind that you’ll definitely need to book a tour and a guide in advance as it is not allowed to visit the caves without a path-finder.

Hot Springs

Hot springs are not as unique as the northern lights, but in winter, they can be a perfect ending of the day full of hiking and exploring the nature of Iceland. Take a dip in Blue Lagoon and enjoy the naturally warm waters of the Icelandic hot springs.

Iceland offers best vacation ideas you can come up with in winter. We hope you’ll find something for yourself in this truly magical country.