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Looking for bachelorette party ideas? Of course, you want it to be the most memorable event in the bride’s life. We’ve prepared a list of things you have to keep in mind to make it fun and avoid embarrassment. Take a notebook and put these bachelorette party ideas down, you need them more than you think.

Bachelorette party plannin

Rule #1

Ask the bride what she wants. Seriously, this is her weekend. What if she doesn’t want it to be naughty? Maybe she’s expecting something relaxing to just chill out, and you’ve prepared a completely crazy list of activities. Be prepared to do something different from what you’re used to. After all, that’s what we need friends for, right?

Rule #2

When you choose a location, think about the other people involved, in particular about their budgets. Be fair and don’t book a five-star hotel if you barely have money for a three-star one. The last thing you want is to make everyone feel uncomfortable. Also, be careful when planning the date. You may use services like Doodle for your convenience. Of course, the bride should be the first to answer as well as the other essential players.

Rule #3

There will definitely be people living in remote corners of the country or even of the world. Make their life easier by using Google Drive. Share a document where everyone will be able to mention their travel plans. This way it’ll be convenient for them to coordinate their routes and make arrangements with the other guests. Besides, with the shared access you won’t need to control everything and enter all the information by yourself.

Rule #4

Congrats! You’re done with the date, place, and the “mood” of the party, so you can start having fun. Now it’s time to think about invitations, decorations, and stuff like that. We suggest that you use Paperless Post for invitations. It’s easier and cheaper. Also, think of what you can bring with you to decorate the place. You have to be realistic ­ you don’t want to kill your budget, because you’re lazy to bring a couple of things with you.

Rule #6

There’s no need to spread yourself too thin and do everything on your own. You’re not the only one responsible. Delegate some tasks to the other girlfriends. Everyone wants to participate, so don’t ignore the other people.

These simple rules will help you organize a wonderful bachelorette party. Just remember that this is all for the bride, so make sure she feels comfortable. Have fun!