Progressive Delivery

Customers frequently ask for help with lengthy assignments. Because we fully appreciate the difficulties of managing such assignments, we encourage customers to use our progressive delivery service. Getting papers delivered in sections is very helpful for customers who have, for example, a 20-page paper they want in double-spacing or a 10-page paper they want typed in single-spacing.

Advantages of Deciding to Use Progressive Delivery

  • The tracking of long orders and the management of the same is much less difficult since papers are delivered for the customer’s approval before the cut-off date for submitting them.
  • Only the most qualified writers from our company are assigned to write your paper(s) and each completed paper is thoroughly checked by one of our company’s conscientious editors.
  • Much longer period for submitting revision requests – thirty days instead of just two!
  • On receiving an order from a customer, a manager is specially appointed to a) oversee all contact between customer and writer and ensure this is satisfactory and b) check that completed orders meet with the customer’s approval.

The delivery of orders – our process*:

  • 4 days’ (or less) deadline: Customer receives the first portion of their paper (25%) by the time half this deadline expires. For example, if a customer sets a deadline of 4 days for a 20-page paper, they should get 5 pages after 2 days of expired deadline.
  • 5 to 11 days’ deadline: Customer receives two portions of their paper (25%, followed by 50%) by the time the deadline reaches the same amounts of expired time – 25% and then 50%.
  • 12 days or more than 12 days’ deadline: Customer receives three portions of their paper (25% first, then 50% and, lastly, 75%) by the time the deadline reaches the same amounts of expired time – 25%, then 50%, and lastly 75%.
The cost of this convenient service can be calculated by adding 15% to the standard prices published on our website.
  • If any aspect of this delivery style does not entirely meet your needs, your assigned manager will endeavor to devise a solution that satisfies your own preferences and the specific requirements of your order.

We Provide Drafts of Customers’ Papers is always happy to provide drafts of customers’ papers when these are needed. The drafts we provide are one page long and come in two formats, e.g., documents comprised of 600 words if you ask for double-spacing or documents comprised of 300 words if you ask for single-spacing. NB: Drafts can only be provided once the deadline has reached the half-way stage, e.g., if the deadline equals four days, the customer will get their draft when two days of this time is up.

We Provide Summaries of Customers’ Papers

We also provide summaries of customers’ papers upon request. These documents sum-up the most salient points from a longer paper onto one page of approximately 300 words. These are beneficial for anyone giving a speech, presentation, or speaking at a live event.

Extend the Amount of Time for Requesting Revisions

Our writing service gives many guarantees. One of these is the option of having your paper(s) revised at no extra cost to yourself provided we receive your request within 2 days of delivering your order. If you want more time than this, you may purchase a “revision extension,” which will give you a longer free revision period – up to 14 days!