If you wish to write a premium quality essay, you will definitely have a lot of questions regarding the task. You will have to find an answer to all of them. If you have problems with starting your essay and need help, then you have come to the right place. We will try to provide you with a short guide of how to brainstorm the structure of your paper. Brainstorming assists in finding suitable ideas for essay writing. Check these brainstorming tips if you strive for perfection.

General Brainstorming Tips

Even top students may get irritated when it comes to essay writing. If they plan to apply to a number of schools, then they will have to write at least 15 essays. Proper writing skills will be needed at this moment. Application essay writing  is similar to any other type of writing. In this case, brainstorming ideas are also extremely handy. This art of critical thinking will aid you in the process of writing. It is used to find implicit insights about the topic. Take a careful look at the tips provided, and learn how to brainstorm for an essay.

Use Notecards

You may use notecards to write down your ideas instantly. Human brain works all the time. It is able to generate ideas at a subconscious level. Always carry some notecards and a pen with you. Try to jot down as many ideas as possible. In the end you will have a huge list to pick the best ones from.


You need to question yourself all the time. Prepare a short list of questions regarding your future essay. Answers to these questions will contain useful ideas. Be prepared that some answers will not give any fruitful results. The rest may lead to a major insight that will help you create the basis of your future essay writing. Do not ignore the importance of this brainstorming element.


The essay should always sound objectively. Therefore, take into account all types of possible biases, like economic, social, religious, ethnic, cultural, etc. If you include a lot of biases into your paper, it will sound way too subjective.


You need to find out what is assumed in the chosen topic or problem. Keep in mind that assumption is an assertion one believes to be true. Every topic may have several related to it assumptions.

Support your evidence

Any assertion needs to be supported with relevant evidence; otherwise, the reader will not take any of your words seriously. All the evidence should be related to the assertion.

Look Deeper

Take a deeper insight into the topic. It means you should highlight facts and ideas that other people do not notice or believe to be irrelevant. If it is an obvious fact, probably someone else has already discussed it. Such facts are not suitable, as they show how shallow your research is.


Of course, your ideas will not pop out of nowhere. You need to carry out research on the topic. Do some self-education on the topic, prior to brainstorming. If you are planning to apply to school, take time to read all possible materials about it.