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Beyond doubt, the course of business writing in college is the most challenging. However, the classes with hackneyed abstract rules, confusing legal language and other tedious information are definitely uninteresting (and even confusing) for students. Because of the lack of practical advice during these classes, not all business people are capable of effectively communicating through written words. Wanna some practical improvements? I’d be glad to share them with you.

Best writing tips to improve business writing


  • emphasizing words The most common is the word very. Do you want to seem the least creative worker ever? Try to replace such words in other constructions (very conventional = conservative; very strong personality = resolute or determined).
  • overuse of prepositions Business writing should be efficient. Unnecessary words weaken your text.
  • big words and wordiness If you are an inexperienced writer, don’t try to use so-called ‘smart’ words to make the content bigger or to impress your collocutor. Aim for shorter sentences. Want to have success in the career in business? Do not overburden e-mails and documents! Straightforward vocabulary will be your best friend here.
  • long e-mail messages If you don’t want to lose the recipient’s attention, make your message readable. If you have a lot of important information to report, schedule a meeting.
  • passive voice It sounds wordy and indirect. But business writing demands opposite features.
  • too many exclamation marks Again, want to reduce the impact or seem rude? Just forget the overuse of exclamation marks, especially at the end of sentences.
  • jargon In oral conversation with co-workers, jargon is admissible in order to have fun. But still… Try not to use it in e-mails and formal documents.
  • business clichés It relates people you communicate with the outside of the business world. Not everyone understands the issues you focus on. Take into consideration the audience and the exact situation.

All these tips and tricks require some special tools to improve business writing. They can help to make the process more efficient. To avoid business writing being an ordeal, try Email Excellence, NinjaEssays, Docstoc, Dragon Dictation, and Scrivener.

So, if you want to have a successful career in business, use these tips and tricks to develop better writing skills. Every businessperson has to impress. No one can do it with confusing e-mails full of errors. Business writing is worth improving. Practice makes perfect!