Writing in The First and Third Persons
First and Third Person

The way people go about writing essays can vary a great deal from one individual to the next. Some people spend a lot of time fretting over how to write an informative paper, one that is educational, or even entertaining for the readers. However, the content is not the only issue – it is how the essay is written or should be written. A lot of people get confused about the first person and third person and which one they should use.

Writing in Active and Passive Voice Difference
Active and Passive Voice

Do you know the difference between the active and passive voice? Do you often use this grammatical category? Is it easy to understand?

While preparing academic papers, it can be hard to decide when to put the verbs in the active voice or in the passive one.

Writing Term Paper
Writing Term Paper

Writing a term paper – especially for the first time – might be an extremely challenging task to complete. Our advice: do not panic but try to find a creative approach and make it as enjoyable as possible. There is a reliable path to go about this complicated assignment that will make it not only easy but also enjoyable for your while laying successful grounds for your studies and into your future.

Expert Summary Writing Guide
Summary Writing

The ability to write an effective summary demonstrates that the writer understands a text and that they are capable of communicating their knowledge to readers. Undoubtedly, summary writing can initially be difficult because of the temptation to add an excessive amount of information or not enough.

Comparative Essay Writing
Comparative Essay

If you read a definition of a comparative essay, you will see that self-explanatory statement that comparative papers are those that compare or contrast two objects, notions, events, people, buildings, etc. It presumes that the choice of topic is very important since you have to discuss two objects that have many similarities and differences.

Classification Essay
Classification Essay

A classification essay is closely related to another similar type of assignment, which is a division essay. The writer is supposed to use previous writing experience for completing this assignment. A classification essay aims to group objects into categories based on some similarities (objective or subjective).