Classification Essay

A classification essay is closely related to another similar type of assignment, which is a division essay. The writer is supposed to use previous writing experience for completing this assignment. A classification essay aims to group objects into categories based on some similarities (objective or subjective). A division essay aims to separate objects or ideas based on a predetermined sequence. We will discuss these two types of writing as they have much in common. Still, they have differences one should be acquainted with. At this point you should not ask question like “What is a classification essay?”


Classification essay is used for categorizing objects and ideas. Always check for the already existing categories. For example, speaking about food, one should know that there are four main food groups. Background knowledge is extremely important when dealing with such a task.

  • For the classification, you need to find common denominators.
  • Do not include too many categories. The essay will be confusing. Instead, it should group things to bring everything in order.
  • You need to study all the categories possible. A paper will definitely be poorly written if you omit some main categories.
  • All classification sequences must be logical.


Division is used to break objects or ideas into parts. You cannot carry out this division without a solid foundation. Develop a sequence that will aid you with the proper division. This skill is useful for an argumentative and analysis essay.

  • Try to divide your essay into constituent parts. It will help to do a division much faster. Discuss all the elements of your essay. If you fail to discuss all the parts, the whole discussion will be incomplete. It will be a list filled with isolated examples.
  • Divisions are done on the basis of a common denominator. The process is similar to classification.

Division and classification essay becomes an easy task if you follow these tips. Besides classification essay definition, one should know how to structure it.

Classification Structure:


  • State you thesis in this part


  • Provides various sequences that will be used for classification. Every idea is supported with example.


  • Restate your thesis statement and the sequence that was used for dividing ideas and objects into categories. Do not forget to stress the significance of this very classification system.

Division Structure:


  • Provide your thesis statement (it is an idea or object under analysis)


  • Consists of separate paragraphs. Each one has its topic idea. Support your ideas with examples. Also use transitions, to create a sense of smoothness. All paragraphs have to be inter-related.


  • This part restates your thesis and provides a conclusion to the discussion, on the basis of the research done in the body.