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If you think that there are completely no benefits of watching TV, playing computer games or browsing the Internet, you are really mistaken. Actually, the benefits are obvious. The most important thing is to choose the appropriate content and the right kinds of movies/series/games etc. Media offers numerous developmental cartoons and games that are especially good for children.
Want to know the impact of television and other media on kids? Then check it out in this article.

Of course, if a child is less than two years old, there can hardly be any benefits of media for him or her. However, kids watching TV at the age from two to eight get more advantages from this activity. The effects of watching TV include the fact that different developmental programs positively influence imagination and creativity as well as help children to communicate and socialize in a better way.

Kids watching TV develop numeracy and literacy skills faster. Such programs as Sesame Street, for example, help them to learn numbers, the alphabet, some new words, etc. The improvement of social skills is among other effects of watching TV, because children learn how to be helpful and how to treat others in specific situations.

Older kids watching TV and using other media gain intellectual, educational, social, and creative benefits. For example, they develop critical thinking, imagination, and problem-solving skills.

The positive effects of watching TV and using other kinds of media are also numerous for teenagers:

  1. Blogs and social networks help them to develop writing and communicative skills.
  2. When watching news, documentaries and other current affair programs, teenagers develop critical thinking concerning the world around us. Besides, they broaden their outlook.
  3. A favorite movie or book character can become a role model for a child.
  4. By creating their own content on the Internet (e.g. webpages, blogs, etc.), teenagers develop their artistic skills.

Overall, as you see, TV and other media can surely be criticized, but it is up to you which content to choose and let your children watch. Under proper supervision, your kids will take only the best from the vast abundance of choices.