The whole paper is at stake when you are writing an essay conclusion.

It is the final opportunity to convince the reader that your point of view is correct. It is a chance to impress them as a writer. This final impression will shape the attitude of the reader towards your work and you as a writer. Create an outstanding essay conclusion to impress everyone.

A good conclusion gives a sense of closure as well as a sense of completeness. It means that you have provided all required evidence to support your point of view and managed to support you thesis statement. Essay conclusions are used to close discussions.

These tips will help you reach a sense of closure in your conclusion:

  • Always link the last paragraph to the first. You may reiterate the phrase used in the introduction.
  • Use one-syllable words in your college essay conclusion. A simple language is a perfect tool for creating an effect of understated drama. Besides, it gives the reader an opportunity to analyze your writing instead of being bewildered with abundance of terms.
  • A parallel in structure sentence is also a perfect choice for a conclusion. This type of sentence establishes a feeling of balance and order. These two elements should be present in the conclusion if a serious discussion took place.

If you wish to close the discussion without closing it off, please use one of the following devices:

  • You may conclude some of your good essays with a quotation. It is not typical to include quotes in the conclusion, though in some tasks it is mandatory to use them. You can also reference to a primary source. If you are writing an essay about a novel, the quotation will add specificity to the discussion. Be careful when using outside sources.  You should always get the last word. Otherwise, there is no sense starting to write the essay on your own.
  • You need to end your discussion in a broader context. For example, if you are discussing nineteenth century journalism, you may link it to present trends in journalism.
  • You can redefine a key term of your thesis. For example, if you are discussing a conflict between capital and labor which was reviewed by Marx, you may end with the analysis of Marx’s words. He believed capital economy to be an enormous enterprise of dehumanization. In the end his analysis is dehumanizing by itself as it interprets everything but for morale and ethics.
  • Conclude with the meaning of your analysis, discussion, or argument. What does it imply?
  • Good essay conclusions have several variants how to close the discussion. If nothing was specified in the instructions, then it is up to you to choose the one that will fit best in that particular case.

How not to end an essay and not to lose any credits:

  • Summarizing your essay is not enough. You may provide a brief summary of the argument. This will be convenient if the paper is over ten pages. You are not required to restate your major points in a smaller essay.
  • Do not use phrases like “to conclude,” “to sum up,” “in summary,” and “in conclusion.” You are free to use them when presenting the paper and making an oral speech. The reader will be aware that the essay is going to end. Do not irritate your readers by stating obvious information in the essay conclusion.
  • Resist any desires to apologize in your final paragraphs. If you have carried out detailed research of the issue, you definitely know more about it now.  Therefore, at the end you may have some doubts regarding the approaches used and the ideas that were supported. When you get to the conclusion, your doubts may even increase. Do not let them overtake. You should not undercut your authority. Even if you have some doubts, do not express them in your essay. A phrase like “There are many other approaches to this issue that may work even better than the one I chose” may undermine the effectiveness of your writing

Now you have a general idea how to write a conclusion for an essay. Though it is not as big as the body of the paper, a conclusion may be a complicated task. One should be familiar with all possible types of conclusions and ways to close the discussion.  Those final writing paragraphs have an enormous impact on the reader. If the writer fails to impress the reader with an intriguing argument, the reader will not be able to recollect this writing in a week.