Essay introduction is often one of the toughest tasks in the writing process. It sometimes takes hours to come up with a perfect first sentence that will sound smart. Most of time students end up with total frustration and loss of desire to do anything. Inability to find a way to start writing an essay introduction is an extremely distracting feeling.  You may even lose credits if you fail to write a decent introduction. Therefore, you need to possess the basic understanding of how to write an essay introduction.


An introduction can both attract the reader and discourage him from reading the paper. You want the reader to feel the importance of your topic. Here are the elements you need to learn about before you master essay introduction.

  • Justification – You need to explain the reader the significance of your essay. It should be related to the topic. You need to explain why you have chosen this very topic for discussion. If you find something intriguing in your essay, the reader will definitely do the same. The introduction of your paper provides a justification of your choice. Try to be as specific as possible. If you have any doubts, ask for help someone who knows how to start an essay introduction.
  • Thesis – Always make sure that the argument is clear. The reader should not hesitate on what you are trying to explain. Do not pick any controversial arguments. The thesis should include an argument and a reason that supports it. For example, if you state that there is a downfall in the car sales, please articulate that the recent scandal around VW was one of the causes. Generally, you may use first person singular in your introduction essay, unless other was specified by the instructor or TA. The first person is common in introduction essays as you are the owner of it, and do not be afraid to stress this fact.
  • Preview– It is vital to tell the reader how you plan to set up your argument. It will force you to arrange your thoughts and present them in a coherent way. Do not merely throw a bunch of thoughts at the reader. People may fail to understand these ideas the same way you do. The reader will get criteria for evaluating the argument. The readers should clearly see that you managed to prove the argument. They may disagree with the path you have chosen, but they will never say that you have failed to prove the argument.

Possible dangers:

  • Avoid loitering statements – Most TAs are not interested in general observations everyone is aware of. The introduction for essay should be distinct and based on a clear argument.
  • Be specific – The reader expects the topic to be about the fact you discuss in you introduction. Therefore, if you write about international relations in the introduction, you will be expected to research this topic in the body of the paper. Discuss why you believe this very topic to be relevant and challenging. If you start the essay with international relations and then start discussing a specific healthcare reform, you will confuse the reader and ruin his high expectations.
  • Control the number of quotations – The introduction should present your argument. Avoid using quotations in the essay introduction, unless they are relevant. If you plan to compare specific texts in your essay, then quotation is appropriate. In other cases introduction must be solely based on writer’s ideas.  Use quotations to explain your argument if other means fail to do it properly.

Hopefully, now you understand how to write a good essay introduction. These skills will help you save a lot of time.