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Fall is the great season to spend in Tokyo. The unbearable summer heat becomes less intense and the falling leaves add color to the streets, keeping everyone’s mood lively and cheerful. Tokyo is popular for its amazing combination of tradition and modernity and its events as well. Here are top five events to check in this beautiful city this fall.

Food Festivals in Tokyo

Hokkaido Fair

3 October – 5 October

This festival celebrates the cuisine of the northernmost prefecture of Japan, Hokkaido. It is renowned in the whole country due to its delicious food, and this festival provides residents and guests of the city with an opportunity to sample these fantastic dishes, the most famous among which are sashimi, grilled seafood, soup curry and miso ramen.

Cheese Festa

11 November – 12 November

It is known that cheese is not the part of the traditional cuisine in Japan; however, it has become very popular in local kitchens since the late 19th century. Among fall festival activities in Tokyo, there is a National Cheese Day, which is celebrated during two days and gives people a chance to buy rare, imported kinds of cheese.

 Art and Culture Festivals in Tokyo 

Tokyo Creative Weeks

27 September – 16 November

It is a very exciting holiday, which lasts seven weeks. Numerous events take place in museums, galleries, and even in the shopping malls. The fall festival activities offer spectators a lot of chances to participate in such events as Art Access Adachi that promotes new ways of communication through art. Among other highlights, there are the performances of geisha dances and different exhibitions of art works.

Ikegami Honmonji O-Eshiki

11 October to 13 October

This is an annual autumn festival, which commemorates the death of Nichiren, a revered Buddhist teacher, who lived in 13th century. The festival is famous for its night parade, which follows the route from Ikegami Station to the temple and features musicians and dancers.

Japan Robot Week

15 October – 17 October

Tokyo is often associated with superb new technologies and this autumn festival is a great chance to experience this phenomenon first-hand. The current year fest is concentrated on the service bots that are created for using in the field of rehabilitation, nursing, and education. Japan is constantly looking for innovative ways to support its aging population; huge efforts are directed on the development of service bots. Admission to this holiday is free with the advanced registration that can be done via the website.