High school essay writing is one of the basic skills that have to be mastered in order for students to succeed in their educational establishments. Regardless of the requirements provided by the teacher, the basic form of the high school essay is always the same. In order to write a high quality paper, it is recommended to read the tips below.

Generally the high school essays writing consists of three main steps: planning the paper, writing an essay and editing it.

While planning the essay, the following points should be taken into consideration:

Choose your topic. Among different high school essay topics, choose the one that seems the most attractive and familiar to you.

Write your thesis statement. It contains the main idea of the whole essay you are going to write. Still, some students may find it difficult to outline their thesis. In such case, the following formula can be used: Thesis statement = topic / opinion / discussion points. In order to use it correctly, it is necessary to choose a topic, determine what information it provides and what opinion represents, and then choose the points for further discussion.

If you do not know how to write a high school essay thesis, think of the ideas that can support it. If you find it difficult, change your thesis statement. Moreover, methods of clustering and free writing can help you. To use the first one, write your thesis in the middle of the sheet of paper and draw a circle around it. Then, if some ideas occur to you, write them down around the circle and connect them to it with a line.

The second method foresees writing down all the ideas you have regarding your thesis without reflecting on them and then choosing the most appropriate ones.

Complete you preparation. To do it, you will have to:

  • Identify the main parameters of the paper. If it is done, write down all the parameters and make sure that you can prove their correctness and reliability. Be ready to support them with necessary examples;
  • Use correct high school essay format to outline your essay in the best possible manner;
  • Write down your thesis statement at the top of a blank sheet of paper;
  • Continue with listing the main supporting topics;
  • Provide a couple of examples, which can be useful in supporting your main paragraph topics, for each paragraph. Make sure you have not less than three examples;
  • Evaluate your examples from the best to the worst.

The second step is actually writing your paper. To do it correctly, follow the instructions below:

  • Start writing with introduction as it is the first part of any paper. It begins with a sentence that gives a general understanding on what the paper will be about, regardless of the essay topics for high school you choose. Normally, such sentence is followed by the thesis statement.
  • The next step is paragraphs writing. Each of them should support your thesis. Provide examples, using the best of them first and the weakest in the end. Do not forget to use transition sentences to make your paper smooth. Such sentences help connect the paragraphs without losing the main idea. Otherwise, the absence of it can confuse the readers.
  • Make a conclusion. It is a final part of any paper, so do not represent any new ideas in it. Normally, it restates the thesis statement from introduction and your main parameters and sums up information provided in previous sections.

Even if your paper is finally written, do not be lazy to edit it.

  • Read your essay to look for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Evaluate if it is written good by checking the flow of information and presence of transition sentences.
  • Make sure once more that each of your paragraphs supports the thesis statement.

In order to provide professional high school essay writing, make sure that you pay attention to the feedback of your teacher. Do not be afraid to ask your teacher for aid as he may help you choose the right way. If you have temporary problems with writing, make a pause and start over again.