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Sharing a room in a dorm can be either true fun or sheer hell. Most importantly, it depends on your upbringing, background, and your attitude to having roommates. If you are a single child in a family, it might be rather hard to get used to someone else you have to share the room with. However, if you are communicative and outgoing, then living in a dorm will be fun. So, if you shortly face the experience of having a roommate, check out this article.

Dorm room tips

  1. Respect each other’s private space. If you wonder how to get along with roommate, learn to respect his/her private space. Do not take or borrow your roommate’s belongings without permission. Try to store your things separately, so that you do not mix them up or take something by mistake.
  2. Try to set dorm rules at the start. From the very moment when you start sharing a room, try to discuss everything: college schedule, visiting hours, time of going to bed or getting up, listening to music while the other one is studying, etc.
  3. Cleaning issues. If you want to tear your hair out whenever you see litter on the floor, then you should discuss such issues. Some people do not care about living in an untidy room. If you are the opposite type of person, speak up. Try to organize a schedule when you clean your room. It’s one of the most valuable college students tips.
  4. Follow good manners. Even if you and your roommate aren’t best friends or find it hard to get along with each other, it does not mean that you have to ignore one another or keep silent. Always be nice to him/her. That’s the key advice how to get along with roommate. For example, if someone came by looking for your roommate, just tell him/her about it later.
  5. Do not forget to socialize. Even if your roommate has become your best friend, do not forget to socialize outside the dorm room. Attend parties, join clubs, meet new people – the college life is bustling with activities.

I really hope that these tips will be helpful for you in your wish to establish friendly relationships with your roommate. Just treat him/her the way you want to be treated. Respect his/her choices, opinions, habits, and private space. Good luck with your college dorm life.