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Chinese New Year, which is also known as Lunar New Year or Chinese Spring Festival, is one of the main holidays among all the Chinese festivals and celebrations. People start celebrations on the 1st of January and end it on the 15th of January according to the Chinese calendar. By the Western calendar, it begins between 21st of January and 21st of February, depending on the year. The celebration is accompanied by amazing parades and interesting folk traditions.

Chinese New Year Celebration

Wear Traditional Dress

If you have traditional Chinese clothing, New Year is the best time to wear it. If not, you can buy an outfit in Chinatown. Give preference to red clothes, which are believed to bring good luck, prosperity, joy and happiness. One more suitable color for Chinese New Year celebration is gold; you may also like to combine the two for a festive look.

What should be avoided during the holiday period is too many black clothes. In China, this color is associated with bad luck or even death.

Go to the Chinese Temple

People in China visit temples to pray for good luck during this period. They burn incense sticks there. Many temples also welcome people who are not Chinese.

If you decide to visit the temple, you will wind tubes with fortune sticks near the entrance. Ask a question and shake the tube until a stick with certain number falls out of it. You can ask the fortune teller to interpret it for you.

Set off Fireworks

People usually set firecrackers at midnight on the 1st of January. In China, people use very loud firecrackers and banging fireworks. It is believed that loud noises scare the bad spirits away.

Many people continue setting off the firecrackers for fifteen days or at least one week before the winter vacations end, and then they return to work. If you are going to celebrate New Year in China, expect much noise and excitement.

Honor your Ancestors

Demonstrate respect and gratitude for all the things that your ancestors have done for you. In China, people have a multiplicity of traditions associated with this, for example, bowing to a shrine dedicated to ancestors or offering them drink and food as a sacrifice.

Give Money in Red Envelopes to Kids

If you are an adult, give lucky envelopes to kids during the New Year Celebration. Some people also give such envelopes to friends or employees.

Interact with Others

In China, New Year is supposed to be the time spend with friends, families and loved ones. It is a time of happiness which has to be shared with others. Everyone has to avoid negative attitudes, quarrels or fights during the celebrations. People believe all these things may bring bad luck.