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Are you one of those people who think that creativity is an innate ability? If yes, then you must read this article to prove the contrary. Despite the fact that creativity is often viewed as a natural talent, it is not. Actually, it can be developed with the help of specific techniques, which, of course, depend on the age of a person.

So, how to become more creative and how to introduce creativity into your daily routine?

Check out the following creative thinking exercises and you will know for sure!

1. Doodle Something

You might think “What are you talking about?” Yes-yes, I know that in school students are always given remarks regarding doodling and not listening. However, it has been proven that doodling is really one of the exercises for developing creativity. All these pictures or lines that you draw are a form of creative energy which you should free.

2. Take up an Activity that is Completely New for You

Developing creativity also means leaving your comfort zone and trying something new. Learn something you have never tried before and see how you will use the newly acquired skills. It may be either some handicraft or just some area of knowledge completely different from your major.

3. Create the Right Environment

Still consider yourself not creative? Maybe all you need is just to create the right atmosphere to free your creative energy out? Make sure you have the necessary support from your close people. Besides, take care of your working environment at home. Do you have a place where you won’t be distracted?

4. Move Your Body

When you need ideas, you most often turn to brainstorming. But what about brainstorming in the fresh air? Let’s say, when you are taking a stroll in the park or near the lake? Movement and physical exercises have a positive effect on creativity. So, go for it!

5. Start a Sketchbook

Buy a small sketchbook that you will always be able to put in a backpack and take with you. With the help of sketching, you will be able to preserve memories or describe some concepts that are hard to describe with words.

6. Don’t Get Rid of Toys

Keeping different toys on your desk also enhances the creative process. Some companies even encourage the workers to have some breaks, when they can play some games, because usually in the process of playing, they come up with some fresh ideas.

 Hope these tips will help you boost your creativity or come up with an individual plan for bringing back your muse. Keep calm and be creative!