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It is amazing how many excuses people may invent when they need to start fulfilling the task. They would clean the apartments, walk the dogs for the hundredth time, polish nails, and so on. Such behavior is known as active procrastination, which is also bad, though not as bad as the passive one, when people just repeatedly update their social network timeline and stare at the screen of a smartphone. Procrastination has become a great problem for our generation, but it is not as bad as it sounds. Sure, it is not the best habit, but the good news is that you may get rid of it. These are the tips on how to fight procrastination.

How to Work Effectively Without Wasting Time

  • Begin at once. If you are supposed to complete a large assignment, you NEED to start working on it the minute you got it. Usually, it is not the complexity of the task but a mere thought about it that hinders the process. Having started immediately, you will win half the battle.
  • Set up a timer. Create a to-do list and decide how much time you will need to spend on each task. Then set an alarm clock or launch the phone application to control the process. Working with a time limit may be stressful, but, in some cases, it is just what one needs to avoid procrastination.
  • Pamper yourself. It may sound absurd, but sometimes you just have to succumb to procrastination in order to fight it. Spend an hour doing whatever occurs to you: watch beauty-vlogs on YouTube, drink coffee, or loiter around. At some point, you are bound to get bored. However, you must be careful. It is better to devote a particular amount of time to doing nothing (half an hour would do) and then set to work.
  • Impose limitations. Now let us move from carrot to stick. If the previous approach does not work, you have to deprive yourself of some privileges. For instance, if you are really into social media, prohibit yourself from going online until you fulfill the task that you are expected to be working on.

In reality, it is easy to avoid procrastination. You just need to find the right motivation. The rewarding feeling of accomplishment is much more pleasant than that of illusory expectations.