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Life is full of surprises! Unfortunately, those are not always the pleasant ones. First, you learn that there is no Santa Clause, then that your pet was put down and not gone to live on a farm…What next? 
As for me, my biggest astonishment was that college life is nothing like they say. Instead of endless fun, it turned out to be a nightmare of balancing work and school on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Still, somehow I survived and, actually, now I feel grateful for the challenges that made me who I am. Keep on reading and learn how to earn some cash without falling behind with studies!

  • Stick to a plan Most importantly, plan a schedule in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with the college life. For instance, make arrangements to have classes 2 or 3 days a week and have the rest of it for your work. However, if you find balancing work and school too demanding, try working on weekends or vacations.
  • Seize college opportunities Sometimes it is not the work that tires but commuting to and fro. In this case, it is worth considering working on campus. They may not have a variety of offers, but working on the premises of college is certainly an advantage.
  • Do what you like Most students opt for waitressing or any other kind of providing services as a part time job, because, as they think, it is impossible to do anything else without a degree or experience. However, you’ll never have that experience if you don’t start working. Apply for any internship that is relevant to your chosen career, become a tutor or start up business. If you do what you like, workload won’t be so burdensome.

Altogether, one thing you have to learn in college is to plan schedule. Having done that, you’ll find out that college life is not that bad. It is demanding, but that’s the thing about life – you have to work hard to succeed.