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If you have ever been interested in life hacks, you must have heard about the famous Pomodoro Technique. It was created in the 80s by Francesco Cirillo and is now one of the best productivity tools ever. There are numerous proponents of this technique; however, there is also a big number of its critics. This article will help you to understand, whether it is good for you to use “pomodoro”, or it will only harm you.

Pomodoro: Is It among the Best Productivity Tools?

Why Pomodoro?

It is one of the best time management life hacks, which allows you to maximize your focus as well as come up with creative ideas without much exhaustion. It is rather simple – hard work and a deserved break, you do your job for 25 minutes and then you have your earned rest. Each of these working periods is named “pomodoro”, because of the inventor of this method, Francesco Cirillo, who used a timer that looked like a tomato. After the fourth “pomodoro”, you must have a 20-minute rest.

Does it really help?

Such constant rests keep your mind focused and fresh. The first positive changes in productivity will appear after a day or two and the full absorption into a program can be observed within the period of 7 – 20 days. Long list of tasks will be much easier to complete forcing yourself to stick to strict timing. Minimizing time for procrastination will make you feel responsible for your tasks and will create new opportunities to cope with the workload.

Who are the advocates of the theory?

Steven Sande, who is a great fan of this technique, says that before he started using “Pomodoro” he could not optimize his day and was not able to handle several tasks at once.
Sue Shellenbarger, another “Pomodoro” proponent, states that she was too anxious to be efficient enough; however, after using the technique for several days she felt a kind of relief and managed to get rid of the stress.

What about the critics?

Where there is a good side, there always must be a dark side. A Yahoo! worker and blogger Colin T. Miller says that “pomodoro” does not teach us how to work better. He notices that it is very difficult to live with this system. Once you got used to “pomodoro”, it is difficult to manage your time, when unexpected things happen.
One more “pomodoro” critic, Mario Fusco, argues that there is no sense in this method. He stated that it is easy to work without any timers and concentrating on work for more than 25 minutes is not a big deal.
Now you got to know about this technique. The decision is yours!