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Professor Student Romance

Nowadays, relationships tend to get all the more informal, leaving traditional conventions behind.

No wonder that educational sphere doesn’t stand out of this tendency with more and more people asking the same question: can professors date students?

How it all starts

College is conducive to start dating. It is a place full of people who have similar interests, pursue similar goals, and spend much time together. Really, student life offers a variety of opportunities to engage in a romantic relationship. However, if everything is that simple, what makes students ignore their groupmates and fall for professors instead? To start with, it has been proven that intellect is as important as physical appearance when it comes to attraction, and sometimes it happens that a professor has it all.
Moreover, most colleges encourage informal atmosphere, which is supposed to favor the studying process, and sometimes it can go too far. Sometimes, it is a simple curiosity and wish to experience it all during the student life. In fact, people have been trying to find out the mystery of love for centuries and the thing is that there is no one true answer. The outcomes, however, are strikingly the same. Romantic relationship may end with drastic consequences for both parties. And if it is a professor-student
relationship…well. Let’s look at worst-case scenario just so that you are ready for possible hardships.

What can go wrong?

  • Legal issues Before the things get serious, check your college regulations to make sure you are not breaking the rules, otherwise, you can get yourself expelled and your crush fired.
  • Moral issues  In some colleges, there are no rules forbidding such kind of a relationship, but still it is frowned upon. If you want to avoid people gossiping and sneering at you, think twice before getting yourself into this.
  • Personal issues There is no way love affair with one of the students will make it possible for a professor to remain objective and not let the personal judgments influence his/her decisions.

If, all things considered, you still think the professor-student relationship is a good idea, then go for it! Who knows, maybe he/she is your true soulmate.