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If you have not made your plans, you should hurry.

Love is in the air! Why don’t you surprise your soul mate with a lovely vacation with roses and chocolates at a cozy hotel?

If you get interested, here are some options of best vacations for couples to make your romantic weekend really special.


Going to Miami is almost like escaping into another world. The music is louder, the people are hotter, and the air is spicier. It is a wonderful place to spend a weekend. Miami is a great destination for any adventurous and fun-loving couple. Best vacations for couples are here!


If you have a lack of weekend vacation ideas, start out you romantic getaways is Sedona. Consider going hiking to become closer to nature. If hiking is not for you, enjoy some 5-star treatments at one of many spa resorts is Sedona. It is a perfect place to relax away from the noisy city.


Among all weekend vacation ideas we have, Charleston, South Carolina holds a special place. This awesome town is known for its luxurious hotel mansions and quaint B&Bs, which make it an ideal place to stay for you and your honey.


Still thinking about what to do this weekend? Visit Big Sur, California to get back to nature but make sure you have enough time to take in those views! Stay at a luxurious inn or spa and get the royal treatment in between your drives or hikes in the wild nature.


Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a great place to feed your natural instincts. It can be really exciting, off-the-grid experience for you and your honey. Cuddle up in a cabin in the woods, take a dip in the hot springs, go hiking together, or spend the weekend at the spa.


If you live close to the West Coast, head over to Maui! Hang around the spa, visit one of the many picturesque waterfalls, or just relax on the beach. It is Hawaii, babe. There could be no bad choices.

Any of these options will be a great choice. After all, it is not so important where to spend your romantic weekend. The most important thing is to find the right person to spend it with.