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St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday, which is celebrated all over the world. It is the day, which honors Irish culture and remembers great deeds of St. Patrick – the patron saint of Ireland. The holiday takes places on March 17th and is famous for its huge festivities, parades, wearing green, drinking lots of beer, and just having fun.

The fact is that within the years, the holiday has lost its initial religious purpose and changed into the international cultural festival.

The Real St. Patrick

Back to the person of Saint Patrick, he was the Christian missionary and the bishop of Ireland. Born in Roman Britain (territory of Scotland) in the first half of the 5th century (exact date is unknown), he was enslaved at the age of 16. Saint Patrick led a difficult life in bondage. In 6 years, he managed to escape and return home. St. Patrick devoted the rest of his life for mission work and at the age of 40 came back to Ireland with the aim to convert chiefs and establish new Christian communities. St. Patrick was quite successful and soon became known as the “Apostle of Ireland”. Despite, he was never officially canonized, early Christians declared him a saint in heaven. March 17th is considered to be the day of St. Patrick’s death and ever since people started to celebrate it as a religious and cultural holiday.

Legends and Symbols of St. Patrick’s Day

The holiday itself is based on the various interpretations of the legends which include Patrick’s walking stick which grew into a living tree, How Patrick banished all snakes from Ireland, How Patrick spoke with ancient Irish ancestors and the most famous one about How Patrick used shamrock in an illustrative parable.

The shamrock has become not only a part of a legend but the most popular symbol of St. Patrick’s Day, which St. Patrick used to represent the Holy Trinity. There are also religious symbols of the holiday such as snakes, serpents, the Celtic cross. A harp, a leprechaun, and a pot of gold belong to traditional symbols as well.


As it was already mentioned, St. Patrick’s Day is a global holiday. However, the biggest celebrations take place in countries where Irish communities and organizations are established such as Great Briton, the USA, Canada, and Australia.

This day is marked with traditional food which is beef and Guinness pie, Irish cream chocolate mousse cake, Irish potato champ, Irish stew, Irish brown bread, and lots of colored green beer.

Worldwide St. Patrick’s Day parades have become especially popular in the 21st century. Nevertheless, the official celebrations of the holiday started much earlier and were observed in Boston, New York, Scranton, Chicago, New Orleans, Ireland, and etc.

This day is famous for people wearing clothes of green color, dying water and beer green, visiting parades, having fun, and eating traditional Irish food. In the Northeast St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by planting peas.

Don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere of the traditional Irish holiday.