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Since summer is a season for vacation, many recruiters and hiring managers are on leave. However, it does not mean that you should stop your job search.

The following seven tips will surely help you manage your job search in summer.

1.Slower pace has its benefits

Hiring tends to slow down during the summer. Therefore, you have a chance to do job applications. Although fewer vacancies are posted in general, you probably face less competition. Candidates, as well as employers, are on vacation.

2. Summer gives you an opportunity for improving your resume.

Devote your free time to make necessary changes in your CV. That way, you will be ready to demonstrate your best skills when hiring. Devex webinar ”Acing your application: Do’s and don’ts of CVs and cover letters” teaches you to present your skills perfectly. You also can use the Devex CV Writing service and ask one of their expert CV writers to help you.

3. Spend some time for research.

Research potential employers, who are interested in your skills. With a Devex Career Account you can find career profiles of many employers. Job alerts on Devex inform you regarding their new postings. 

4. Don’t hesitate to contact suitable organizations.

Even if the organization has no positions available, contact its recruiter anyway while looking for a job. Therefore, in case of new openings, you will be surely informed.

5. Participate in the informational interviews.

Summer is a great time for informational interviews. If you want to start earning money, meet people. They are calmer and happier in summer as well as allow more flexibility for informational interviews.

6. Be patient.

Hiring decisions often require much time. It is difficult for employers to come to a consensus during the summer due to their vacation schedules. Try to be patient while you are waiting for the final decision.

7. Take a break.

Looking for a job resembles a full-time job. That is why you definitely need a vacation. It helps you re-evaluate your career goals and ponder alternative ways to earn money.
Follow these simple steps and make your summer both recreational and productive!