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If you are tired of usual places to spend your vacation, we have a perfect list of the world’s most affordable holiday destinations. It is even better if you have itchy feet and like to explore the world. To tell the truth, these places are far from your favorite beach huts and the other hackneyed choices. If you are in, pack your bag, and be ready to go!

Cheap vacations ideas

Budgeting for a holiday is worth visiting the following destinations if you want to spend cheap holidays abroad. And you don’t need to sell an organ to travel. Furthermore, despite relatively low prices, all these countries can offer a great value. Let’s start!


It is situated in the Southeast Asia. Cambodia becomes more and more popular not only among backpackers but also among holidaymakers who look for 5-star luxury. Park Hyatt Siem Reap alone is worth seeing it. Recognized as one of the top 100 hotels in the world, it has a residential design, rich wood interiors, a private garden, a swimming pool, and, what is not less important, excellent service. You can’t even imagine how cheap the tickets to Angkor Wat temple (UNESCO world heritage site) are!


Wanna escape somewhere from a vibrant city? This landlocked South American bolthole is for you. Numerous museums and the other buildings with beautiful facades will catch your eye; the local dishes (chairo – potato soup) and drinks (Paceña beer) will treat your stomach; dance performances, a traditional parade, and Oruro’s Carnival will take your breath away.


If you are on a European tour, you can’t miss a chance visiting Budapest. Tasty cakes, exquisite liquor, and relaxation in a thermal spa are its invaluable assets. Stop for a luxury treat at Gerbeaud’s or just visit a kávéház (a traditional coffee house) for a sweet slice of kürtőskalács. Budapest is the only capital city in the world rich in thermal waters with healing qualities. Relax in a famous bathhouse (like Gellert) and luxuriate the massage. If you want to go to the northern hills and swim in the lake after enjoying locally produced wines, take a 30-minute train ride from the capital to Balatonfüred and Siófok cities.

Well, this is not the full list of cheap vacations ideas. For people who don’t like to sit long in one place and always seek for cheap holidays abroad, this list of cheap vacations ideas can be extended (Bulgaria, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Greece, India, Honduras, and Ireland). Hope you’ll make an advantageous choice!