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If you are one of those people, who never shared a room with siblings and received everything you wanted from the parents, then living in a room with another person might be a rather tough experience in college. Actually, the way you get on with your roommate completely depends on your attitude. If you treat your roommate as an enemy from the very beginning, I bet that you will not make good friends. However, if you regard dorm life as something new and interesting, you will have all chances of becoming best friends with your roommate.

Consider the following roommate rules:

  1. Make everything clear from the very beginning. By this I mean setting some simple rules regarding living with a roommate, time of sleeping and studying, visits, etc. Besides, voice your preferences and agree on the cleaning schedule. It is always better to discuss such things at the very beginning rather than quarrel about them later.
  2. Do not let small misunderstandings turn into big problems. Whenever you are not satisfied with something, let your roommate know. If you find it annoying when he or she borrows your stuff, just say it. If you are angry with the alarm clock ringing for half an hour in the morning, do not be silent.
  3. Respect your roommate’s private space. Actually, this is one of the most important relationship tips. Store your private things separately, so that neither of you gets irritated when the jewelry/books/clothes are not in their usual place. If you need to borrow something, always ask.
  4. Agree on the visiting hours. Living with a roommate is not only about sharing a room but also respecting each other’s space. When you plan to invite some friends of yours, ask if your roommate does not mind. It may happen that he/she has some exams to prepare to.
  5. Do not forget to lock windows and doors. When you share a room with someone, it means that you are equally responsible both for your and his/her stuff. Therefore, keep in mind simple rules of security.
  6. Be a polite person. Even if you and your roommate are too different to become best friends, just be nice and respectful. It is one of the basic relationship tips.
  7. Explore something new together with your roommate. Visit some new place or attend a party together, etc. In such a way you will expand the circle of friends.
  8. Be flexible to the changing environment. As you are in college, seek to grow and develop both mentally and academically. So, enroll on some interesting course and visit it together.
  9. Deal with problems. Remember tip #2, which advises to address small things before they have turned into problems. Well, if you did not pay attention to that tip, then do not ignore this one. When there are some serious problems, you cannot escape them, you have to discuss everything like adult people.
  10. Apply the Golden Rule. Treat other people the way you want to be treated. This applies to your roommate as well! Just be nice and honest!

These are just some of the most important tips that might be helpful when you live with a roommate. I hope you will find them useful.