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Germany is well-known for more than 10 thousand different festivals, including the biggest and strangest ones in the world. For this reason, the country is definitely a place, which entertainment lovers appreciate. The big variety of local celebrations provides everyone with something to meet his tastes. Whether you are just visiting this gorgeous country or have lived here during some time, attending festival is one of the easy and exciting ways to discover its culture. Below I describe some of the most famous and interesting fests in Germany.

Best Festival Ideas for Autumn


No doubt, that Oktoberfest, lasting from September to early October, is one of the most famous autumn activities in Germany. Over 6 million guests come to enjoy various sorts of beer and engage in general revelry. You can join this fest from 17 September till 2 October 2016. 


This famous event includes performances of medieval music, theatre groups, fire shows, and a huge medieval market. You will definitely like such autumn activities as swords fighting or archery tournament here. In 2016, the festival runs from September 9 till September 11.

Frankfurt Book Fair

The first world’s largest trade fair for books took place in 15th century. Nowadays, the Frankfurt fair is mainly for people, who are engaged in the editing and publishing industries. However, this autumn festival has also some more layman-accessible events, including its award for the oddest book title of the year. The fest takes place on October 19 – 23, 2016.

St. Martin’s day

St. Martin’s Day is a holiday that commemorates Martin of Tours, who was a Roman soldier and then became a monk. On this holiday, children go from house to house singing songs about St. Martin and get treats for that.

Christmas Markets (Weihnachtsmarkts)

All the cities and villages in Germany set up amazing Christmas markets during the Advent season. Here, guests have a chance to ride a Ferris wheel, walk through stands selling handicrafts, ceramics, and wooden toys, try hot mulled wine (glühwein) and just enjoy the merry atmosphere when everyone’s spirits are high. These fairs have become so popular that other countries have started copying this tradition. The most known and exciting markets are in Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, Nuremberg, Heidelberg, Munster, and Lubeck.

Therefore, if you are the kind of person who loves having fun and participating in general merriment, you should certainly visit these German festivals in 2016.