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Many people think that Valentine’s Day requires having a lot of money for presents and celebrations. Statistics say that on average we spend about $130 on this holiday. Nevertheless, in fact, it doesn’t have to be like that. Buying expensive gifts or arranging expensive events doesn’t mean more happiness. Even if you spend much less, you can be creative and leave your significant other satisfied! Let’s see the ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget this year.

Tips To Save Money On Valentine’s Day

Skip The Roses. On Valentine’s Day, due to the increased demand, roses may cost times more. What’s the way out? Either buy some other, less popular flowers, or don’t buy them at all. Believe me, most girls don’t really need them. What they need is your attention.
Shop Together For Presents. In this way, you can give your partner the present he/she actually wants and needs (instead of some useless stuff). So, stop your guessing game!
Make A Meal At Home. See for yourself: what’s better – a crowded noisy restaurant or a romantic meal at home with only two of you? I think the choice is obvious, especially if both of you like cooking. It’ll be so romantic to cook your dinner together!
Celebrate On Another Day. If you still want to go to a restaurant, pick another day before or after February 14. There are two main advantages to that: cheaper prices and fewer people. Who cares about the damn date, after all, if you’re going to celebrate your love?
Set A Spending Limit. Frankly discuss your financial situation with your partner and agree on a certain limit for presents and celebrations.
Make A Gift Yourself. Get creative and make a gift with your own hands, whether it’s a card, a dinner, or anything else. You can even do something that won’t require any extra money, but will bring enormous pleasure, like a foot rub or body massage.
Plan Ahead. Pay attention to what your partner says throughout the year and buy something he/she wants, but can’t purchase for some reason. Keep it till the day comes and surprise your significant other!
Use Credit Card Reward Points. If you use your card for common purchases throughout the year, you might have saved some reward points. Use them for buying gifts.
Don’t Celebrate At All. Consider a question: do you really need a special day to celebrate your love? Isn’t it better to just do it every day?
Being fancy and throwing money here and there doesn’t equal a good Valentine’s Day and a successful relationship. What really counts is your proper attitude to your beloved one and your deep connection on all levels. In this case, money won’t matter at all. You will just enjoy every minute you spend together.