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Do you also get jealous when scrolling Facebook newsfeed and seeing all your friends visiting those fabulous places while you cannot afford a vacation? Don’t panic! In this post, I will tell you how to visit gorgeous places on a shoestring, namely you will learn about the experience of traveling Thailand.

Cheap travel destination

Thailand is probably the best summer getaway for those who want to immerse into a totally different culture, see pristine nature, try exotic cuisine, meet new people, and save money. I know it for sure, because I’ve been there. I managed to explore one of the most beautiful Thailand cities, Krabi, spending as little as $20 per day.

Keep in mind that at that time $1 US Dollar was equal to ฿33 Thai Baht.

Whenever I intend to explore some cheap travel destination, I always invite my friends to join me. This time I was lucky to go there with Sofia who speaks Thai. Our journey started in Aonang, where we rented scooters ($2.30 each). It’s not a good idea to hit the road when you are hungry, so we had breakfast at a local restaurant. It cost $1.80 for each. A delicious iced coffee included.

We headed for the Tiger Cave Temple. We had to pay $1.50 each for gas. The road was about 45 km long, but the view was stunningly beautiful!

So far we’ve spent $5.60!

After reaching the destination, we went into a real cave (no entrance fee) and climbed more than 1,000 stairs to see a gigantic Buddha statue. And, of course, we enjoyed a breathtaking view on the city. Although the hike was physically challenging, I made some fabulous pics and posted them on Instagram.

By the way, on our way up we met monkeys. Not monks, monkeys. I should have guessed they had put all those warning “no-monkey-feeding” signs everywhere on purpose, but I just couldn’t resist the temptation to make a selfie with the monkey and its baby. Well, the monkey obviously did not have an Instagram account, so it just shattered an empty bottle over my shoulder. I guess it was aiming at my head, and I was really happy it missed.

So, just a friendly reminder: warning signs are there to warn you, not to make suggestions.

When we reached the top, I was breathless: we saw a tropical mountain stretching down to the ocean. The breeze made it feel like paradise.

During our walk back, we met adorable elephants who were much friendlier than the monkeys. We also got soaked to the bone because of a sudden storm. Well, it’s tropical climate, you know.

We were starving, so we stopped to grab a bite at a random restaurant. The local food was really delicious. 

It cost us $1.50 each.

As a total shopaholic, I just couldn’t pass by a local market. I bought myself two pairs of earrings ($4.50 + $3.30) and a bottle of juice ($.60). Oh, and I also got a pretty souvenir for my friend ($4).

So, I think Thailand is the best summer getaway, because we spent only $20, but we saw incredible nature, ate tones of delicious food, and even bought some jewelry. Doesn’t seem realistic to you? Then check it out yourself!