Writing is an art that requires much inspiration, dedication, and creativity

No matter what topic is assigned to you, you can make it interesting and attractive for your potential audience. You cannot neglect the writing process since this assignment requires much time, thinking ability, and a great observation power. Academic writing has many peculiarities that you should understand if you want to succeed. Undoubtedly, not every student is a professional writer who can easily cope with all the writing styles. However, we assure you that writing an academic paper of any type will be much easier if you learn the following secrets carefully. The common types of assignments are: descriptive essay writing, expository essay writing, persuasive essay writing, narrative essay writing, as well as compare and contrast essay writing. Knowing the peculiarities of every type and applying a personal approach to writing you will achieve the best possible results!

Descriptive Essay Writing

As the name suggests, descriptive writing style requires the description of the assigned subject. If you need to prepare a good descriptive essay, be sure to describe the subject so skillfully that your essay will help to create a vivid picture, and the reader can clearly imagine it. You may easily achieve the desired effect if you apply to the human senses, i. e. smell, touch, taste, sound, and sight. If you need to describe some event, action, subject, person, or anything else, try to choose the words that could interest you as a reader. A little secret: reading a lot of books and articles will help you organize your thoughts and fill your speech with many literature devices necessary for academic writing.

Expository Essay Writing

The expository style is similar to other ones by the general content and essay organization. However, it differs focusing on the presentation of the important details, facts, and data of the required subject. Throughout the essay, the writer is not allowed to give personal opinion; he or she should just operate the common knowledge. However, one can do that at the end of the paper taking into consideration all the facts, data, and illustrations mentioned above. Many articles are written in an expository style, and you can learn more secrets how to cope with this task effectively reading them. We assure you that if you want to get the A+ grade, you should specialize in different writing styles.

Persuasive Essay Writing

Persuasive writing involves many writing and personal skills. A writer should be a good orator; he or she has to pick up the words that could convince any reader. Indeed, it is very hard to convince people to share your point of view, and you should be passionate and confident trying to achieve your goals. Persuasive essay writing, like no other essay type, utilizes the power of words to render the desired effect. If you can choose the topic manually, try to pick up the subject that is really interesting to you. It will help you concentrate on the topic and find the arguments to persuade the reader to share your opinion. We assure you that your reader wants to see the strong arguments supported by the facts, statistics, and other useful data. This style is particularly helpful in speeches writing, and if you want to understand how a persuasive essay should look like, you can find many examples online. Among all the types of writing styles, persuasive essay writing is the most interesting and effective one.

Narrative Essay Writing

The narrative writing style definition tells that it can be also called a story telling. This type of essay writing is the most widespread one among all the writing styles. It is considered that such a writing task can perfectly demonstrate the student`s writing skills and abilities. This genre is used when a student needs to tell about his or her experience or the experience of some other person. Writing a narrative essay, do not forget to analyze the setting, characters, events, problems, and resolutions. Such type of writing is widely used in writing personal statements, movie scripts, biographies, and other assignments that aim to entertain the reader.

Compare and Contrast Essay Writing

Comparing to other essay writing styles, this type of academic assignment required juxtaposing two different subjects, concepts, or ideas highlighting their similarities and differences. The writer should carefully learn the information about both subjects. As well as in human life, when a person has some choice, the writer should carefully analyze the strengths and weaknesses of every subject and provide the strong claim that supports his or her ideas. Compare and contrast essay writing requires weighting the main advantages and disadvantages of the subject and making a decision. Such an approach allows the reader to get the better understanding of the objects of analysis.

We guarantee that following the tips above mentioned you will surely create a good essay and impress your professor!