Writing an essay is notably a hard business for students to comprehend although students are assigned to write on a certain topic. An essay can discuss a certain aspect of the course or your opinion, or it can require you to demonstrate how you can apply key concepts in the area of your studies to a particular context. There is a broad array of types of essays, such as descriptive and narrative, analytical and critical, just to name a few most commonly used ones. Sometimes an essay type might require combining two or more kinds of writings. The following are some of the most commonly used essay types.

Analytical Writing, or How the Components Make the Whole

Among different types of essays, analytical writing is aimed at exploring of something in pursuit to understand its integral components while having the whole picture in mind. The point the analytical essay might seek to make in the English Literature can be concerned with the literature components, such as plot, theme, style, characterization or other components. For example, it is not good enough to make a statement, ‘Shakespeare’s Hamlet is one the most powerful and influential literary pieces’. You need to examine the components that contribute to its power and influence, such as rhymes, images, adjectives to understand how their interplay creates particular effects. In contrast, the case study analysis in the business context requires the writer to demonstrate his ability to apply theory in the practical business setting. Thereby, the writer needs to disintegrate the components of a theory and /or theories that might explain particular business processes in order to find and justify the best possible solution for the organization under analysis.

Chronological Writing, or What Happened and When

This type of essays is aimed foremost at presenting the sequence of events as they unfold in time. For self-explanatory reasons, it is most commonly used in history, for example, Chronology of the Cold War, or The Carribean Crisis.  However, it may also be integrated into the literature essay to show briefly the background of the events in order to place the main characters (e.g., Romeo and Juliet) in a certain context. You would also find it in psychology or other disciplines when it is required to describe the evolution of scientific paradigms.

Compare and Contrast Writing, or What Makes Two Things Similar and /or Dissimilar

This type of writing is used to organize thoughts in perspective with the goal to show what two things have in common and what makes them different from each other. A comparison essay is a commonly used type of paper across various academic disciplines. Some of the widely used topics are: comparing weeds to flowers, your best friend to your worst enemy, physical beauty as contrasted to the inner beauty, the Wizard of Oz to Huckleberry Finn. The method of comparison might require comparing the two subjects to the idea of the topic. For example, how two different writers present the same topic while using the same genre?

Descriptive Writing, or What Something Is About

This type of writing is the genre of an essay that requires you to describe a place, object, situation, your experience or emotion among many other possible examples. Such form of academic paper encourages students to present written accounts of their particular experience. The goal of the descriptive type of essay is to convey the respective details in a way that it is easy for the reader to reconstruct the situation or associate his own experience with the description. In simple terms, the writing should enable the reader to “smell”, “feel”, “hear”, “touch” the description throughout the narration. For example, you might describe cake with words such as sweet, creamy, chocolate, and then give detailed description of each of the attributes. The topics of descriptive essays vary considerably as they might be applied to any academic subject. For example, “Pneumonia: diagnosis, symptoms, treatment”, “My Mother”, “My View of Healthy Lifestyle”.